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In simple terms, the purpose of the PoPI Act is to ensure that all South African institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing another entity's personal information by holding them accountable ...

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We are professionals to build custom eCommerce solutions. User Interface Design (UI), User Experience (UX) & mobile app design is other specialization which we offer to our customers. We would be delighted to hear your ideas and would love to work with you.

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Information is spine cord of any business. Business and customer engagements, customer’s loyalty, Investment opportunities and decisions are based upon accuracy, consistency and reliability of the information which are processed on the basis of given data.

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Analytics turns out to be one of the most trusted business tools in the market. To enhance a business is not an easy task. The importance of data analytics is truly amazing. It can make a business bigger and bigger. Having a small business is also a difficult  ...

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Are you interested to run a Loyalty Program for your Customers? We are here to help you design the right loyalty program for your customers. Build a strong bonding between you and your customers using best in class loyalty solution.

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Mr. Paul Mullon

Founding Member of COR Concepts (Guest Speaker)

Paul Mullon is the Founding Member of COR Concepts, an information management consultancy providing consulting and training services to Government and private sector organisations on all aspects of records and information management.

Mr Mullon has been in the information management industry for over 30 years, He is the Chairman of the South African Standards Technical Committee for Document Management Applications. In 2013 he was appointed to the executive committee of the South African Society of Archivists and was appointed Chairperson in 2015.

Mr. Peter Arthur Dykes

Director - Dykes Van Heerden (Guest Speaker)
Peter is practising attorney specialising in commercial work and property related matters. He enjoys commercial work and problem solving. I have been practising for 27 years. He was initially employed by Munro McHarry Incorporated and was subsequently appointed as a director of the same. He subsequently formed the firm Munro Edmond Dykes and Co which later evolved into the firm Dykes Daly Incorporated. He subsequently founded Dykes Van Heerden Incorporated together with Johan Van Heerden. He is presently employed as a director of Dykes Van Heerden Incorporated. He is also a director of Dykes Van Heerden (Cape) Incorporated and Dykes Van Heerden Slabbert Hopkins Incorporated which are firms of attorneys practiing in Cape Town.

Mr. Peter K J Tobin

CGEIT, PMIITPSA, PMP (Guest Speaker)
Dr Peter Tobin specialises in Project Management, Knowledge Management, IT Governance and data privacy and protection, in particular compliance with the POPI Act. Peter spent nearly twenty years with a global IT industry supplier on two continents; a dozen years as an academic at three of South Africa’s leading business schools. Peter has been consulting for over twenty years to clients across the SADC region and beyond. Peter speaks fluent French as well as mother-tongue English.


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DATANSHA (Pty) Limited t/a DIGITICS (Pty) Limited is a brainchild of innovative enthusiastic technologists who has a passion for data and has the expertise to convert data into information in alignment with ...


Vision: Provisioning of Quality and efficient DATA solutions adding value to our customers business needs. Mission: Having digital professionals who enables data by turning it into VALUABLE ASSETS through self sustainable solutions


Joseph has been in the IT Environment for more than twenty years. He Managed an IT environment for a renowned Manufacturing company for over 15 years. He has formal training in AS400 operations...


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