You focus on day to day operation and we will help your business to retain and attract customers. DIGITICS offers a wide variety of solutions such as increase loyalty and sales, reward employees, educational institution motivate students, Financial Institution looking to reward customer on their every transactions or product and services they are using.

We offer tailor made of loyalty programs according your business needs which compliment your customer retention strategy.

Use loyalty program with cards, or without cards. You can also offer tiering levels such as " Silver / Gold / Platinum". Your customers can sign up online via your website or in-store with your staff. Customers can check their point balance and history at any time from any internet connected device.

  1. Point Program - Points system allow to award points for money spent or specific customer actions. We can stich this system as per your Bsuiness needs.
  2. Buy ‘N’ Get ‘M’ free – Are you still printing paper card and punching for your customer on every transactions. Get rid of that. Talk to us and upgrade yourself with digital world, with or without card.